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Nevada City Sips: Stroll-Around Wine Tasting

Nevada City Uncorked is a fine way to familiarize yourself with local wineries.



    Nevada City Sips: Stroll-Around Wine Tasting
    Erin Thiem
    Sauntering about Nevada City is pleasant whenever, but enjoying vino or beer and trying local bites ups the gourmet game. Go Gold Country on Saturday, Aug. 29.

    PICK ANY DAY OF THE YEAR... on the calendar, throw on your favorite nice jeans and a shirt and/or sweater, and set off down Broad Street in Nevada City. Perhaps you have the city's tree-focused brochure in hand, the one you can pick up at the chamber of commerce, the booklet that points out fascinating shrubs and pines around the town. Perhaps you don't have anything on your mind but a beer at The National Hotel or a cup of coffee at one of the excellent coffeehouses found on or near Broad. Or perhaps you're just out for a sunshine-y stroll. It's always a fine day for walking the Gold Country burg, but Saturday, Aug. 29 will get a mite finer, if you like wines and beers made in the area and stopping in along the shops and businesses of the downtown area. That's the day of Nevada City Uncorked, a time of spotlighting regional drink makers and local food makers and doing it all for the price of thirty five bucks if you purchase in advance or $45 if you buy your ticket there.

    ON THE WALK-AROUND ROSTER? Sips from Fawnridge Winery of Auburn and tastes from Diego's Restaurant (The Two Room Inn is the place doing the pouring/plating). Other spots along Broad welcoming Nevada Uncorked participants include the famous Nevada Theatre (Lucchesi Vineyards & Winery of Grass Valley is the featured vino there, and food from Briar Patch) and Cornerstone Realty, which will have vinos by Smith Winery in the glasses and food from Beach Hut Deli for the snacking side of things. Each stop makes a nice trio -- the Nevada City hosting business, the featured regional wine or brew, and a snackable something from a local eatery -- and each stop gives those on the stroll a chance to catch a breath and socialize. (Yep, Nevada City has an impressive hill or two, but nothing to be daunted by.) Is this a fine way to bid farewell to the end of the summer season? With some mellow beverage enjoyment and sightseeing around this historic clutch of 1800s buildings? It is quite fine, for sure.