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North Lake Tahoe: Superb Solar Eclipse Spots

Grab your eclipse glasses and look up from Kings Beach, Tahoe Rim Trail...



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?
    Tyler Bourns
    Fitting some play in with your astronomical pursuits? The people at Go North Lake Tahoe have a few ideas as to wear to go on Monday, Aug. 21.

    MANY WONDERFUL ELEMENTS... are fluttering about the upcoming Great American Solar Eclipse, with, of course, the eclipse standing as the first wonderful thing. But the fact that a number of people are journeying to national and state parks, or to relatives' houses or friends' pads in other places, and are generally studying up on the nitty-gritty of our solar system is all fantastic, too. And another wonderful element to add to the bunch? Places that are generally good for watching an eclipse are probably good to visit at other times of the year, by their nature. Take Go North Lake Tahoe, which has shared a few primo locations for looking up, and marveling, on Monday, Aug. 21. These are spots with waterfalls, and glorious views of alpine lake, and whether you do make it on Eclipse Monday — you should — or you visit during another time of the year, for the beautiful Tahoeness of it all, is up to you. But take a look at some of the suggestions, then fire up your...

    COSMIC CARAVAN... and head in the direction of North Lake Tahoe. Eclipse-admiring tips include a climbing Shirley Canyon at Squaw (the hike is 3.6 miles and includes "granite boulders" and "crisp waterfalls"). The Tahoe Rim Trail at Brockway Summit is also another gorgeous go-to, for those who have to get some biking in, while Kings Beach and the dock at the Hyatt are two of the more laid-back, look-up, breathe-deeply choices. For the whole list, check out the Go North Lake Tahoe site, and consider this: You'll be a bit closer to the sky at this upper elevation. Okay, so that's a bit too whimsical, and daydreamy, but if any envious friends ask you about your eclipse plans, just say you'll be nearer to the moon and sun.