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Olive Feast, Sonoma-Style

Enjoy a sumptuous sup at Ramekins Culinary School.



    MOM'S WISDOM: Our own mother has often said "either a person loves cilantro or they can't be in the same room as it." We think there's a nugget of truth or wisdom buried deep within that, or maybe our mom was simply saying there are some foods can be polarizing. While the olive doesn't tend to split a group like cilantro (and we're in the pro-cilantro camp, by the way), the people obsessed with the small green fruit can't get their heads around the people who are not. We're thankful, though, that while olive confusionists (we just made that up) seem to be a very small group, the olive obsessives are so hardcore that they have enough olive love for practically the whole planet. And a big clutch of those obsessives? Will be in Sonoma on Saturday, Jan. 28 at the Feast of the Olive.

    DELISH HAPS: It's a full-on fancy feasty-feast at the Ramekins Culinary School. Several chefs, including Carlo Cavallo of Meritage, will be chopping and frying and oiling our favorite fruit. And diners will hobnob and feel all exquisite and such. (Check out the video below for the high level of exquisiteness; those tables are set right regally.) Cost is $150 per person. 

    So, olive lovers? Ready to take a stand for a food you can't get enough of? People may all have different tastes, but if you're into your wee, glistening orbs, you've got to be grateful you landed on the right side of the matter. (Olive confusionists, we're intent on winning you over to our side one day. We vow it.)