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    LET'S BE HONEST: One could stick pretty much anything in front of "-palooza" and call it a day. But when you have "paella" in your pocket -- not literally, but the word, rather -- why wouldn't you go to that first? Yes, you would, and Girard Winery has. The Yountville winery is, in fact, throwing an entire Paella- Palooza on Saturday, Sept. 10. The paella goodness hails from Zuzu Tapas & Paella in Napa and the drink? Sangria. We wonder where the wine might come from for that? Hmm. Thinking, thinking.

    PRICE AND TIME: You're in and enjoying paella and a beverage for twenty bucks. Hours are 1 to 5 p.m. on the 10th. We'll call 3:45 p.m Sangria O'Clock, semi-officially; agree? Especially when it is sunny out, and it is a Saturday. That just feels like a lovely time to have a fruity fine glass of sangrianess. We'll note this is the second paella go-around for Girard, which is excellent news. The second time usually means the initial outing went well. But how could Paella-Palooza falter, really? It's paella, and it's a palooza.