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Passport to Dry Creek Valley



    OVER 45 WINERIES: "Passport" is a bit of a grand word -- it suggests able entry into multiple places -- but it fits a wine-country weekend where nearly 50 distinct winemakers will be on the map. Passport to Dry Creek Valley turns 22 on Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1, and a bevy of Sonoma culinarists and the nice and talented people who make delicious wines will be out to celebrate.

    ALSO ON THE ROSTER: Entertainment, naturally. Now, we are definitely not saying a syrah is zingier when a cello is in the vicinity, but something in our mind and ears likes the pairing. Past Passports have also boasted zany haps like circus performances, so we're betting a lot of the wineries will take the "going all out" path.

    PARTICIPANTS: You can eye the full list here (the link is pdf, note); Lambert Bridge, Raymond Burr Winery, and Stephen & Walker. A two-day passport is $120, and word is they're pouring as fast as zin from a bottle. Faster, maybe.