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Pathway to Pinot Paradise



    PINOT TOUR: If it feels lately that a lot of pinot-y events have been springing up, well, there's good reason for that; there have been. But truly, is there a time in the year when the sippable superstar doesn't take centerstage? Generally not, and if there's a pinot-less stretch, trust it'll be a short one. Next up on the calendar is the Pathway to Pinot Paradise at the Santa Cruz-close wineries. It's a self-guided toodle on Saturday, March 26, and when you're not toodling, and letting your favorite designated driver do the designated driving, you'll be trying barrel-based deliciousness at a host of local vineyards.

    AND ON SUNDAY... There's a Pinot Paradise Technical Session, which will explore acidity levels and other topics for the wine geek (wine geek said lovingly, of course). The Saturday, March 26 tour is $25; the Sunday, March 27 technical session is $55. Best check out those advance tickets.