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Percy Toot-Toots Into Felton

The engine joins Thomas for a Roaring Camp Railroads Halloween Party.



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    Day Out with Thomas
    Percy, the green-glad favorite from "Thomas the Tank Engine," is swinging by Roaring Camp Railroads to celebrate Halloween with Thomas and their fans.

    OH YEAH, THIS IS BIG: If you can think back, to when you were a tot, you can probably alight upon that book or television show that had The Best Characters in the World Enjoying the Most Whimsical Adventures, and the flitting thought that you'd ever cross paths with your mostest favoritest character -- totally a real term, when it comes to kid fandom -- was enough to make you run around in circles and leap for joy. There is some leaping going on these days around Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton, or at least the leaping of fan-happy hearts, because Thomas the Tank Engine has been joined, for the first time, by Percy, the green engine from the beloved British series. If you're a parent, you get that this is major; Percy is that guy, or, um, engine, that stokes a lot of cheer and good will (well, he is the BFF to Thomas, after all).

    AND... while Thomas the Tank Engine has been making stops around the country at various railroads, Percy is newer to this. Want to give him a warm welcome, and celebrate Halloween, too? Join Thomas and Percy for a 25-minute ride at the Santa Cruz-close rails, and, on the platform, take part in activities related to the series. The fun stuff is toot-toot-ing weekends through Nov. 2.

    OF COURSE... if simple, straightforward seasonal merrymaking is more your bag, then mark Friday, Oct. 24 and Sat, Oct. 25 on your creepy calendar: Roaring Camp Railroads is braving two nights of ghost trains. The theme? Wait for it: Ichabod, a horse, and a rather cranky fellow who may or may not have a pumpkin for a head could be out and about in the woods. Lit-scary stuff, for sure, but Sleepy Hollowians can handle it, we bet. Clip-clop and giddy-up; we hear hooves behind you...