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Petaluma Music Festival



    VINO AND VIBES: Fans of the stripped-away sound party'll likely find much to like in the annual Petaluma Music Festival. It happens over a single day -- so you're in and out, and there's no messing about with multi-day schedules and what band is playing when -- and one gets the sense it is really all about the music. We hate to even trot out that tired phrase, but part of us wants to revive it and make it mean something as well. Festivals like Petaluma are fighting the good fight on that front. How "all about the music" will the Saturday, Aug. 6 get-together be? There will be solid, big-reputation bands -- we're talking The Devil Makes Three and The Mother Hips -- plus a beer and wine pavilion. Yeah, some merch'll be for sale, but that's about it. So we're all together on the "all about the music" on this one? Good.

    OTHER TO-KNOWS: Kids are not only welcome, but the 12-and-unders get in sans admission. Tickets are $25 in advance, with another five bucks added day-of. A VIP ticket'll nab you shaded seating, note; that goes for $75. Food for thought on that last point, since you'll be hanging at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds at the height of an August afternoon. But when it is all about the music, a little direct sunshine is no biggie. No biggie at all.