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Point Sur Moonlight Walk

Take an afterhours gander at the Point Sur Lighthouse.



    NIGHT OUTDOORS: It's a sure sign that summer's grand entrance won't be long delayed when the outdoorsy walks start up for another year. And the nighttime outdoorsy walks? Summer must be truly just around the corner. We just got word via the kind folks who handle Big Sur tourism (having such a job probably instantly insures you're like the coolest, most chilled-out person on the planet, right?) that the Point Sur Lighthouse is kicking off its monthly tours. And while lighthouses exist in the daytime, they definitely shine at night -- joke intended? -- meaning the walkabouts will happen afterhours. Oh yeah. A lighthouse in Big Sur by moonlight? Feeling the cinematic-perfect setting right now. The first one is up on Friday, April 6.

    WE KNOW... It is a Friday, which can be tricky for those who spend the weekdays in an office. But there are several moonlight tours to go for 2012 and a number of them fall on Saturdays. Cost is ten bucks for a grown-up. And because this is a lighthouse, and lighthouses tend to be up-and-down and set in bluff-pretty type situations, you count on some stairs and some inclines. The tours are three hours, just long enough for you to commune with the ocean and our lunar satellite. You're there to unwind and connect with nature as well as get info, right? Good.

    The 2012 walks will run through October (note that the final two tours have a rather haunting bent).