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Retro Retro-ness at the Roxie



    HIGH HAIR: And big cars. And tinsel Christmas trees. And flaming food on sticks. It's easy to romanticize a certain mid-century-ish time in our nation's past. Things seemed larger and livelier. And when those things are shown via eye-popping slides? Maximum eye-poppery. The main purveyor of such slides these days is Charles Phoenix, the LA-based histro-entertainer. Now the merry MC is packing his slide boxes and making for the Roxie in April.

    DATE/INFO: Tickets are now on sale for the Charles Phoenix Big Retro Slide Show, which is Roxie-ing it on Thursday, April 14. One ticket is $25. "(O)ddball detail" is assured, as is an appearance of Mr. Phoenix's "colorful suits." Seriously. We hope that man brings the string tie back, because it is just so fancy. We like.