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Rush Ranch Open House

Get to know a gorgeous open space in Solano County.



    GOLDEN STATE TRADITION: Carrying for our land, its legacy, and those beautiful wild spots that lend California its California-ness is something of a tried-and-true thing 'round these parts. For the "tried-and-true" end of the matter, look no further than John Muir, and the men and women who came after him. For the "these parts," look no further than our state and national parks, our streams and mountains, and our city-close open spaces. That last entry doesn't always get the love or spotlight of some of our more prominent natural spots, but our open spaces are certainly worthy of our care and attention, especially those that sit within an hour or two of major metropolitan areas. Rush Ranch near Fairfield is one such beautiful open space. But its vistas and vastness are not the only qualities that recommend it: Rush Ranch, according to a spokesman, "is one of the best remaining examples of a brackish tidal marsh in the United States." And within that marsh? Birds, fish, and other buzzy, flitty creatures, not mention plant life aplenty. It's a pretty spot and an important one, which is why its annual open house is a treat for those wild about our easy-to-access wild spaces.

    SATURDAY, APRIL 27: An open house devoted to the history and the beauty of the land is scheduled for the last Saturday in April. Discovery hikes through the marsh, falconry demos, a bat visit, and plenty of family to-dos that focus on art and historic pastimes like spinning are on the schedule, too. It's free to attend, which is great news for the marsh mavens out there. We know there are many, since marshes are happy homes for so much nature. Places like Rush Ranch are devoted to keeping that important mission alive. For more on the Solano Land Trust, which oversees the ranch, click.