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Sacramento Beer Week 2012

Tony suds and smooth brews are on the table.



    SACTOWN SUDSY: A good beer week, for the suds scholar, is a thing to be treasured and held dear (and near). But so many of the major beer events tend to unfurl over the summertime -- possibly because beer and sunshine go hand-in-hand -- meaning the winter is left to wintry food festivals. Aside: Is there a hot toddy festival going in this state? Someone please get on that pronto. Ahem. So when a hops party kicks off in the heart of winter -- for these purposes, February -- the beerists gather en masse and raise a happy mug. And those happy mugs will next be raised in the vicinity of our own state capitol, in our own state capital, starting on Friday, Feb. 24. It's Sacramento Beer Week, and it is the third-time-is-the-charm go-around.

    ON THE ROSTER: There are several tasty to-dos, but let's spotlight the Sacramento Brewers Showcase and the Capital Beerfest. Just about 80 breweries will show at the latter event and tasting, with admission, is, wait for it, "unlimited." (Find your soda-sipping pal who plans to drive.) The Sacramento Brewers Showcase will feature local beer artists, about 20 in all. We saw the words "cask ales" and we think those are good words to end with. So, happy sipping around Sactown, and here are those words again to send you on your happy tasting way: cask ales.