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Safari West's Newest Bundle

The Santa Rosa park welcomes its newest resident.



    HOLIDAY WEEK: Maybe it is the fact that Thanksgiving is just ahead, and people are in a bit of an awww-inspiring mood (all of those commercials of relatives hugging other relatives inside airports are partly to thank, we imagine). Maybe it is the fact that we so often associate springtime with new animal arrivals, when, of course, beastie babies say their first hellos throughout the year. But whatever the reason, we're cheered by this video from Safari West in Santa Rosa. They just announced the arrival of a baby giraffe, and they've got video. Oh yeah. There are a few holiday events ahead, like an open house, so if you'd like to see the long-necked bambino in person, or, er, giraffe, there are ample chances.

    And now, a holiday-week awww: