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Sail Away at West Cliff Inn



    BOAT, THEN BED: Or reverse that. It's the rare package that offers a sleepover deal paired with a toodle out on the water. And it's an even rarer package that offers a toodle on a boat called the Chardonnay II, which is pretty awesome as boat names go. Wait? Did we say "boat"? Yacht. We meant yacht. A trip on the Chardonnay II is part of the Sail Away on Monterey Bay package, which will be offered at the West Cliff Inn in Santa Cruz from March 18 through May 27, 2011.

    DETAILS: Rates'll depend on the room you stay in and what night you stay; Fridays and Saturdays are higher, no shocker. The per-room Sunday-Thursday price is $195. That nabs you a bunch of stuff, including your room and two tickets on the Chardonnay II, plus the requisite Inn breakfast. When's the last time you were out on marvelous Monterey Bay? Never? Change that.