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Santa Cruz Restaurant Week



    MENU TIME: Reading menus is a favorite pastime of many, but reading restaurant week-inspired menus? There's a special pleasure there. Because not only are your imagining the delicious fare but you're also imagining the money you'll save. Call it a daydream with a strong stream of twofer-ism. And we do so love a solid twofer. Another one is just around the bend, courtesy of Santa Cruz Restaurant Week. It kicks off on Wednesday, Oct. 5 and keeps the twofer, one-two deals -- good food and money savings -- going right through Oct. 12.

    THE DISHES: The Red Potato Enchiladas at Nuevo Southwestern Grill have popped into our daydreams numerous times today; so has the Spiced Panna Cotta at Gabriella. (Aside: panna cotta, two words we long believed could never be enhanced, do benefit by the presence of "spiced"; okay, we're done.) Take a look and do a bit of daydreaming. And, if you're in the area, a bit of eating and saving-of-buckery, too.