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Seafood and Art in Bodega

Fish, vino, and the visual arts get the love.



    THE SHORE IN SUMMERTIME: Picture a place you love and picture yourself there eating something. We're going to make a random guess that you dressed yourself, in your daydream, and how you dressed in your mind's eye represents the time of year you love being in this place. Are we getting too deep? Okay, moving on. Our Bodega-based daydreams, of which we have many, always seem to involve us in some cozy cowl-necked sweater (which we don't actually own, but, hey, this is a daydream). And what are we doing? Eating chowder, of course, near the cold water on a wintry afternoon. But that isn't fair to the ocean-close burg, which happens to do the other warmer, less cowl-necked-sweater-y seasons just as well.

    EXAMPLE A? Take the Bodega Seafood, Wine, and Art Festival, which will be rounding out the summer on Saturday, Aug. 25 and Sunday, Aug. 26. Few people will be in cozy wear -- tank tops and sundresses will be more like it -- but there will still be that beautiful Bodega-esque vibe. Helping that vibe? Local eateries selling dishes of the sea, local artists displaying paintings and such, and bottles filled magical elixirs that go well with fish-eating and art-looking. It's a nice summer's day out, and it completely changes up our whole cold-weather-chowder flights of fancy. That's okay; to every place a season, and Bodega? We'll start dreaming of you in summer, too.