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Siblings in "Peanuts" Exhibit



    LINUS & LUCY: "Linus & Lucy" may bring to mind what we'll argue to be the most beloved of all of Vince Guaraldi's songs -- you of course know it, and you know that it appears in "A Charlie Brown Christmas" when all the kids are dancing on stage -- but it also just means, simply, the Van Pelt siblings. They had their moments -- many, many moments -- over the years in Charle M. Schulz's daily "Peanuts" strip, but they also provided a lot of insight for people reading the strips who had siblings of their own. Now Linus & Lucy, and Charlie & Sally Brown, are getting their sibling due at the Schulz Museum.

    "SIBLINGS" SHOW: The Santa Rosa museum is debuting "The Browns & The Van Pelts: Siblings in 'Peanuts'" on Saturday, Jan. 29. If you've visited this fantastic institution, you know you'll find a lot of strips gathered in the lower gallery, all thematically, all for perusing. The show is running through June 19, and if you have a brother or sister with a birthday between those two days, this is absolutely where we'd take 'em for a day out. Mom!!!!