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Simply Delicious Danville

Get to know the eating scene over one bite-filled Saturday.



    DANVILLE DINNER: Some cities just feel like breakfast cities to us -- you know exactly what we speak of here -- and some cities feel like the places you stop for a quick snack and no more. Danville, to us, has always owned dinner, specifically early dinner, right when things are getting dusky and the sky goes soft and twinkly. (Wait, would this be called supper? Is that too fancy-dancy? Fine, let's call Danville a most excellent supper city.) But because we think this way, and sometimes have issues breaking out of various food-loving patterns, we often think of the San Ramon Valley burg when it comes to eveningtime eating. Which makes a culinary tour-type dealie in Danville exactly what we're craving. And there's one just ahead: Simply Delicious Danville is setting out on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. That's May 26.

    ON THE ROSTER: Well-known local favorites like The Peasant and The Pear are participating; the sweet contingent is going to be high, what with Junebug Bakery and Danville Chocolates in the house. And when we say "in the house" we mean figuratively, of course; Simply Delicious Danville doesn't take place at one location but many. Visitors will walk from restaurant to bakery and snack on samples at each spot. The cost is $48 and you'll need to nab that ticket ahead of the date, not day-of. Oh, and the hours are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., we'll add. Can it be long before we begin to think of Danville not as a supper city but a daytime dining destination? Culinary tours, thank you for breaking us out of our patterns, time and again.