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Single Vineyard Night 2011



    "SINGLE" SIPS: What do you do when an event turns out especially well? Well, throw it again the following year, and make sure the people who love what the event is about are ready to make a return visit. Fans of single vineyard sips will be doing just that on Saturday, June 4 when they make for Thomas George Estates in Healdsburg. It's Single Vineyard Night and the Russian River Valley Winegrowers are once again doing it up. And what do we mean by "doing it up" here? Gathering together all sorts of tasty, focused wines and all sorts of goods for auction.

    GLASS GOINGS-ON: The party is taking place in the "caves & parklands" of Thomas George, so already you know the setting'll be on the sublime side. Some 30 winemakers will be in attendance, including Ancient Oaks, Siebert Ranch and Nalle Winery, Hopkins Ranch. And a ticket bought in advance is a not-too-sky-high forty five bucks. Note that if you're in the area early on Saturday the 4th, and you want to do a barrel tasting at Balletto, you can, for free, but showing your ticket to the Single Vineyards night. Get details on that, and how to attend the main event.