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Sonoma Valley Crush: Hello, Fall

Acquaint yourself with a dozen boutique wineries over the second weekend of September.



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    Kim Carroll
    Acquaint yourself with a dozen boutique wineries over the second weekend of September 2017.

    HARVEST TIME, as an old concept, is braided through our ideas of autumn, of what the season means and delivers and tastes like and its very earth-based, grow-good spirit. But, of course, so many harvest-y doings begin to roll out in summertime at our favorite wineries, for waiting for the equinox would be waiting a few weeks too long. There is a way, though, to soak in some autumn-style splendor, and learning, too, before the warmest season has even officially wrapped. It's Sonoma Valley Crush, a multi-winery to-do that will cover a plethora of boutique wineries (a dozen, hooray) as well as behind-the-scenes information on how harvest time works at a winery. Morever, there's an...

    "OPPORTUNITY TO GET INVOLVED..." at the "hands-on harvest experience," should you be interested, at the wine-fun gathering. You can discover how to read a Refractometer at the Heart of Sonoma Valley Association event, or, just maybe, "taste a wine while it is fermenting." This is off-stage stuff, for a vineyard, which makes Sonoma Valley Crush both a palate-pleasing occasion but one that can deepen an oenophile's general knowledge. The dates are Friday, Sept. 8 through Sunday, Sept. 10, and the...

    ONE-DAY CRUSH PASS... is $35 in advance, while your designated driver is free. Doing two days? That's $50 ahead of time or $55 once you're there. Some of the wineries on board include Spann Vineyards, St. Anne's Crossing Winery, and Wellington Cellars. Call it a whole and full experience, a front-of-stage, peek-behind-the-curtains sort of outing, a memorable weekend of learning and libations.