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Spring Sleepover at the Aquarium



    AQUARIUM OVERNIGHT: The always popular aquarium sleepover is practically bragging legend in kidly circles, as it should be. Falling asleep, like, just steps away from a shark? Granted, the shark's doing his thing, and the sleepoverers are doing theirs, and never the twain shall meet, but still. We would so be bragging that up at school the falling Monday. Bragging opportunities are just ahead for those in the Monterey neck of the woods on Friday, April 22. That's when the Monterey Bay Aquarium is holding its Spring Sleepover, not for the fin-bearing set, but landlubbers who love everything fin-laden and tentacle-y.

    TANK-CLOSE TO-KNOWS: It's $95 a person, and there's a snack in the evening and continental breakfast in the morning. Plus all sorts of fish-focused fun, and a film, too. Oh, and speaking of bragging after the event, check this out: Condé Nast just called the Monterey Bay Aquarium one of the world's best aquariums. Do the jellies know? They would so be bragging about it. And rightfully.