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Springtime in Rose Central

Perfume Rose Harvest Tours are set to begin in the Russian River Valley.



    DEAR NEIGHBOR: We're terribly sorry, truly. We know that just about every time you look at your window you find us in your yard, leaning over some shrub, with our face fully in one of your dinner plate-sized roses. We know it makes your dog bark, to see us there. We know it is a tad rude, just to saunter into your front yard. But it's just that we don't grow our own, and the coming of spring and a certain flowery scent go together like petals in bath water. What? There's a place we can go besides your yard to get our sniff on? It's the Russian River Rose Company, which is entering its most glorious time of year, what with its Perfume Harvest Tours during April and May and its Mothers Day Open Garden? Thank you so much for the tip. Sorry we made your dog bark. He's a good boy.

    ROSY TO-KNOWS: Yep, the Russian River Valley's floweriest nook is springing to life, literally, with springiest season now here. The fragrance-sweet tours are a draw for those who adore scents and the buds they spring from, while the Mothers Day outing fills up, naturally. The iris gets some love, too, in April, and climbing roses. So, what do you like best about the flower? We like that the rose brings it, sometimes without subtlety, but that's a-ok in this world; you've have to stand out when there are so many distractions. The scent is such a draw we're willing to make our neighbor's dog holler at us, again and again, but we'll go there, if only for a quick, furtive sniff. 

    A classic Perfume Harvest Tour tickets runs from $10.95 through $14.95, depending on the day of the week.