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St. Helena Hounds: V. Sattui Winery's Dog Day

The Napa Valley vineyard invites oenophiles and their BFFs for a Fido-riffic fundraiser.



    A WINERY'S FURRY GREETER: It's rare to spend a day out wine tasting, wending here and there, and not be greeted along some vineyard's driveway by a friendly Rhodesian Ridgeback or Pug. Dogs and the people who make wine have a hallowed partnership, evidenced by the pups holding court around various lawns and winery entryways as well as the photos of the winery's family inside. (And, yep, dog-themed items tend to be a thing in winery gift shops, from coasters to picture frames.) Which means that when a winery throws a Fido-focused day -- as wineries are doing more often -- both oenophiles and owners of the place get a little peppier. It just feels homier and ease-filled with dogs about, at least for dog people (yep, the people who'd love to take their little furry ones everywhere). V. Sattui Winery in St. Helena is about to kick off the canine love with its first-ever Pamper Your Pooch Day, but the special event isn't merely about sipping pinot while scratching your woofer's back. It's a day that'll stir up some support for Napa Humane, given that a portion of the day's sales will go to the organization. And the dogly date? Sunday, May 4.

    THE DAY... is very much about trying wine, hanging with your hound, and admiring other pups. A Cutest Dog Contest is afoot, and a vineyard stroll with your dog is on the schedule, too. (We are seeing these a bit more at various wineries, which makes sense, since we heard a rumor that strolling with one's dog in the sunshine in nature is pretty mood-improving.) Fideaux Outfitters for Dogs and Cats will be in the house, or, winery, handing out gratis goodies (dog goodies, of course), and there are other niceties to consider, like a swanky on-the-spot dog photo studio and "V. Sattui-branded doggie wear" for sale. Yep, we weren't pulling tails before when we said posh wineries and pups are truly simpatico.