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Stroll/Sip/Snack: Nevada City Uncorked

Make for the historic town for an afternoon of local vinos, bites, and easy-breezy looking around.



    Stroll/Sip/Snack: Nevada City Uncorked
    Erin Thiem
    Make for the historic town for an afternoon of local vinos and easy-breezy looking around on Saturday, Aug. 27.

    A SWEET LATE-SUMMER SOIREE: While Nevada City famously rocks a number of quirky or semi-outlandish events on its annual calendar, from its exuberant Mardi Gras to the fast-moving Soapbox Derby, it is, at its heart, a pretty dang mellow place. Thank its small-town ways, and how easy it is to get around, and its commitment to being a close-knit community that adores nature, and its general healthy approach to life. With that in mind, it is good to pause now and then and find Nevada City's easier-breezier to-dos, the kind of events that are all about relaxed strolling around the historic downtown area. Nevada City Uncorked is one such primo event, and while there are no costumes, nor thrilling races to cheer on, there are loads of Sierra sips to try, and three hours to try them over. You'll enjoy "the Bounty of the Northern Sierra Foothills," which includes edibles as well as drinkables, and you'll enjoy it all on...

    SATURDAY, AUG. 27: It's an afternoon affair, and somewhat alfresco, save the time spent stopping inside various eateries, B&Bs, tasting rooms, taverns, and shops. Some "20 locations" around Broad Street and its environs will participate, and if you take a shine to any of the cabs or chards, you can slip into the Uncorked Wine Store, which wil have them for sale. There's also a vacation rental raffle, if that rings your bell. If you're looking for a no worry/no hurry goodbye to summer, finding yourself in the pretty hill-close town on the final Saturday of August, with a wine glass in hand, feels like an especially pleasurable choice. We'd never want Nevada City to not have its quirk, but a wine walk-around, just ahead of fall, is another lovely facet to a lovely, multi-prism town.

    TICKETS? They're $45 day-of, but less in advance.