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Swanky Bourbons: Copper Lounge

The bar inside the InterContinental Los Angeles Century City offers 44 different variations on the spirit.



    Swanky Bourbons: Copper Lounge
    The Copper Lounge
    Are you a mondo bourbon buff? Consider a stop by The Copper Lounge at the InterContinental Los Angeles Century City for some top-notch top-shelf choices.

    FINDING A TONY TAVERN... that specializes in a particular type of libation isn't too hard these days, but discovering a full and robust line-up of a certain spirit can be a bit more of a slog. If you're a fan of gin you might come across five or six juniper-piquant labels, while vodka-ists are lucky to find a vivacious collection of their go-to sip. As for bourbon buffs? The amber-hued favorite has been growing (and growing and growing) in recent years, in terms of menu- and shelf-presence, but discovering a bar that puts a real focus on bourbon is still a bit of a sticky wicket. Prepare to make your way to such a spot, and in the swanky InterContinental Los Angeles Century City, no less. It's...

    COPPER LOUNGE, a hotel-based bastion of all things bourbon-tastic (as well as a host of other spirits, wines, and beers). Yes, if you've been to the Century City landmark, you probably recall a different bar in years past. And, yes, Copper Lounge recently underwent a re-imagining, one that puts the spotlight on the swanky spirit, one that helps Mint Juleps and Old Fashioneds and Whisky Sours find their inner oomph. There are some 44 varieties of bourbon at the lounge, "including an exclusive Angel's Envy blend that you can't get anywhere else" (there's also a "barrel-aged vanilla Old Fashioned" made with the posh label). Look also for Angel's Envy in some of the menu's new bites (hello, Angel's Envy bourbon-cured ora king salmon tartar). It's Bourbon Central, in short, a warm-toned spirit that is matched in the warm metallics and woods of the space's design. As we head into wintertime do you find yourself longing for a fine bourbon cocktail in a hotel-elegant setting? Look to Century City and the InterCon, home to one of Southern California's new bourbon-centered spots.