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Take a Bite of the World's Largest Burger



    A BUCK A BITE? Or a cent under a buck? We've all likely ordered a small plate at one time or another, but we rarely, if ever, order food bite by single-serving bite. But then the dish that'll be served on Saturday, July 2 at the 2011 Alameda County Fair is pretty special. And pretty large, too. Wait, make that extremely, impressively, 625-pounds-of-meatly large. The fair will create the World's Largest Hamburger, and fair-goers are invited to try a bite for 99 cents. (We wanted to say "grill" the World's Largest Hamburger there, but we suspect a grill that large would cover at least two backyards. Although there is some sort of heavy machinery involved for the flipping of the burger. Whoa, et cetera.)

    MUSTARDY MUST-KNOWS: The bun is 110 pounds and over 20 pounds of onions will be dispatched. And that 99-cents-per-bite price tag? It's in honor of the fair's 99th year.The Alameda County Fair opens on Wednesday, June 22 and runs through Sunday, July 10. Beyond the July 2 mega-burger-thon, there are several other sweet and old-fashioned and fair-ish to-dos, including a gumbo contest, mutton bustin' and rides galore. Bet you'll come across something on a stick that just happens to be deep-fried, too. The location is Pleasanton.