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Thanksgiving on the Napa Valley Wine Train

Take the holiday on the road -- or, rather, the rails -- this year.



    HOLIDAY ON THE MOVE: Thanksgiving is simultaneously about two types of travel. The first is very long distance journeys, the trips home back to see the old friends and family members. But once we've arrived, the other type of travel kicks in, which is this: Journey as little as possible. We might walk between the stove and the refrigerator, for some fresh cranberries, or the dining room table to the couch, where we will spend the afternoon snoozing. People like to stay in and stay close, meaning they stay fairly sedentary (we're not talking to you active people who head outside to toss a ball around). But we'd like to propose that a third type of travel be associated with third Thursday in November: dinner on the move. Sure, you can take a boat, which we love; you can even take a tram up a mountain to reach your turkey. And you can board the Napa Valley Wine Train on its annual Thanksgiving toot-toot.

    DINNER ON A TRAIN CAR: If you know the famous conveyance, you know the meal will be classy and there shall be wine. The train's also put turkey on the menu for the holiday -- Roasted Diestel Turkey with pear sage stuffing and other trimmings -- but there are also beef and salmon choices. Crab bisque, endive salad, and, yep, pumpkin pie round out some of the other offerings. Because it is dinner, and it is November, it will be dark when the train rolls. But figure it is a special chance to enjoy the train itself, and all of the posh touches the cars are famed for. People spend a lot of time vineyard watching; we like those occasions when the train gets some extra attention.