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The 100-Second Kissing Contest

The Alameda County Fair puckers up.



    CHARMS APLENTY: Every time we think of the Alameda County Fair, which opens on Wednesday, June 20, we think of its quirkier points. No doubt about it, it is a traditional fair in many ways; after all, it started in 1912, so it has a lot of time to put those traditions in place. And, yep, that means that the Pleasanton-based party is marking its centennial this year, which is notable indeed. But the Alameda always seems to pull something a bit zingier out of its hat. Do you remember The World's Largest Burger at the 2011 fair? The 625-pound patty? Now that is zingy. So this year, in salute to a fair with a lot of flavor, we'll salute its 100-Second Kissing Contest, which is set to smooch on Sunday, June 24.

    PUCKER UP: There's all kind of awesome here, including the kind admonition that "this is a family friendly event." We like that there are three heats, including a heat that involves the potentially messy co-eating of cotton candy. Alameda County Fair, you always surprise!

    PLEASANTON PLUS: There's a lot going down as the event marks its 100th year, including kid-pedal tractor pulls, pig races, and all the fried food you can shake a stick at (likely the stick you at the fried food off of). The Alameda County Fair's 100th celebration runs from Wednesday, June 20 through Sunday, July 8.