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The Bard in Livermore

A month-long Shakespeare celebration unfurls in wine country.



    SUMMERTIME CULTURE: There are a few staples of every warm-weather season. Eat berries right off of a bush (we know, you can have a dickens of a time finding that bush, especially if you live in the heart of the city, but, it is probably worth the search). Try and make it to the beach a few times, with a big, air-filled ball in tow; and watch something Shakespeare-y outdoors. Granted, New York City probably has one of the world's most famous Bard-focused summertime festivals, but the Golden State has a handful of notables as well. One we're sweet on goes down in Livermore. If you're thinking, wait one sec, you said Livermore; are there libations involved? Why yes, in fact; the Livermore Shakespeare Festival happens at Concannon Vineyard.

    MEANING... wine will be sold, as well as "artisan cheese" and other snacky things. You can also arrive with your own picnic in tow. Pretty sweet, right? Shakespeare at a vineyard? Sure, we'd love to see it in Central Park one day, but this seems to be a particularly California interpretation. And now, to the plays: "Hamlet" and "The Merry Wives of Windsor" are on tap for the 2012 season. And when does that season start? Thursday, July 12. Check out the site for packages, dining information, and everything you need to know to get there. Oh, and the dress code? No ruffs or doublets required; "California casual" is a-okay.