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The Benbow Historic Inn at 88

The Tudor-pretty, redwoods-adjacent hotel has specials to honor its anniversary.



    THE HOSPITALITY BUSINESS... for all of its glamour and go-go-go, is not the easiest one, any hotelier can tell you. There are unpredictable months, guest cancellations, the ebb and flow of running a 24-hour, 365-days-a-year business. But when an inn is fast approaching its century mark, well, longevity must be in the air. Or perhaps in the nearby woods, even. The Benbow Historic Inn, of Garberville, will indeed hit its centennial in a decade and two years, which is a triumph, indeed. Of course, the Benbow sits near the redwoods, trees that know a thing or two about weathering the years. The Tudor building complements its famously tall neighbors, in short, and many a Benbow guest is in town to soak in all things redwood. There's also golfing to do, and afternoon teas, and other refined, ye-olde-pursuits (you almost feel as if you've walked into a Cotswalds building when entering the Benbow). So in honor of its big 88 -- that's happening in 2014, by the by -- the Benbow is lifting a cocktail, and a golf club, in cheers to its guests and its anniversary with an 88-themed lodging special.

    YEP, WE SAID "GOLF CLUB": Part of the anniversary special is an 18-hole green fee, per guest, and if you think golfing in that particularly glorious landscape is pretty, well, you're totally right. Also in the lodging special? "Historic rooms starting at $88 per night" (that's without taxes). A 1920s tasting menu is available -- that $8.88 -- and some 1920s cocktails, too, also for $8.88. Yep, we're already daydreaming about relaxing on the Benbow's front veranda with a vintage Ramos Fizz in hand, soaking in all of that NorCalian freshness. Happy 88, Benbow Historic Inn. May your Tudor-terrific ways take your right into your next century in just a handful of years (which, of course, is nothing to your redwood neighbors).