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The Constellation by Night

A Tahoe-close resort has astronomy-loving guests looking up.



    STARRY GETAWAY: Resorts and destinations that are not located in or near a city typically offer a host of interesting and unusual treats for the get-away-from-it-all vacationer. But our favorite amenity or event always involves telescopes, dark skies, and the Milky Way above. Because while urban dweller can get a lot of nice things back in the city, they can't get a truly optimal experience for enjoying the universe. Constellation at North Star is on board with this idea. So much so, in fact, that the resort is running a Star Sightings in Tahoe package. You'll need to schedule ahead but check out who is leading it: none other than the President of the Nevada Science Coaltion, Tony Berendsen. Not only is telescope viewing a part of the night and a space quiz but, get ready for this: marshmallows will be roasted and poetry will be read, too. The cosmos, sweet treats and beautiful words? Sign us up.

    AND JUST AHEAD... Those famous Perseid Meteor Showers are back to delight and fill earthlings with wonder over the Aug. 10-12 weekend. There's a special on at Constellation for that, too. For more on looking up at the Tahoe resort and other specials, check out the Constellation site. Can we also add that visiting a ski-popular place in the off-season is the way to go, too? Just sayin'; it is like Palm Springs in summertime. A little offbeat but the pleasures are many.