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The Crab & Wine Express



    SEA TO WOODS AND BACK: If you've ever toot-tooted up the hills east of Fort Bragg on the world-famous Skunk Train, you know a couple things. One, it is an aggravation-replacer. Do you know what we mean here? It's one of those activities that seem to instantly replace whatever stressful things weighing on you with sunbeams and tall trees and wine and whimsy. Oh, and old train songs, too. But two, you know that the buying-of-barbecue is a major part of arriving at Northspur, the Skunk Train's turnaround spot.

    NO BBQ, BUT YUMMY CRABS: The first thing we mentioned will be very much in place on the Crab & Wine Express, which rolls on Saturday, Jan. 29. The second thing not so much, because Crab Louie and vino will be served at Northspur, rather than beer and barbecue. We like the change-up; beer and barbecue do feel kind of redwoodsy, but crab and vino fit well, too, given the Skunk Train's ocean-close starting point and nearness to several vineyards in the Ukiah area. An adult ticket is $70. Skunk Train!