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The Del Introduces New Beachfront Service

Chaise lounges and fringed umbrellas will debut in time for summer.



    CELEBRITY SAND: Ever played on the white sandy stretch that runs between the Hotel del Coronado and the Pacific Ocean? You've got good taste. Marilyn Monroe frolicked there -- you can see photos of her doing so in the landmark's gift shop -- and just about everyone else who has visited the San Diego sleep spot over the last century and a quarter. And while a number of items and bits of whimsy have dotted it over the decades (we're thinking of the big sand castles, as you probably are, too), a traditional lounger-and-umbrella beachfront idea has never been a Del thing. But on May 1 that will change when the maroon-turreted hotel introduces Del Beach, a beachy relax spot coming together just in time for the summer season.

    AT DEL BEACH: Yep, the sand, ocean, and hotel will remain the same -- kind of hard to tweak the Pacific, and nor should anyone do so -- but what's on the sand'll be new. Chaise lounges, made for reclining and wave-watching, will be lined up, along with fringed umbrellas. (Aside: Aren't fringed umbrellas so vintage and sweet? Please, every historic hotel everywhere, please invest in them at once.) "Plush daybeds and half-moon cabanas," made for two, are part of the lovely line-up. Food and beverage service complete the sunshiny scene, meaning once you're plunked on your daybed, you're set for the afternoon. Yeah. We'll just stop typing and daydream about that, for a bit.

    CAN LOCALS RENT A SPOT... as well as guests? You betcha. It'll be open from sunrise to sunset.

    A KIDS' BEACH AREA: A sandy activity-filled nook will be located on the beach as well, for summer. And a programs for younger guests ages 4-to-12 are rolling out, including ones involving treasure maps, underwater maps, and crafts. Nightly s'mores and Tuesday movies behind the pool round out the warm-weather doings. Oh, and kayak and boogie board rentals, too. 

    YEP... we're still thinking of those fringed umbrellas. Isn't it easier to play Marilyn Monroe, in our own heads, with such vintage swankery nearby? Should we have admitted that? Please. Everyone visiting The Del wants to be as cool as the hotel's most famous guest.