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The Opening of Open Sea



    SEA AND BELIEVE: There's going to look at fish in tanks, and that is enjoyable, and that is interesting, and there is pointing at the glass, and there is oohing and aahing. But then there are bigger pursuits of an oceanic nature. Take following the "epic migrations" of the denizens of the Pacific. Take learning about the rhythms and interplay between animals as disparate as sharks and jellies. Take understanding how annual movements of particular fish impact the environments of others. And take all of that in at the new Open Sea area at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

    JULY 2 DEBUT: Open Sea, which is located in the former Outer Bay galleries, takes a larger and longer view of how those creatures beneath the Pacific's waves hunt and survive and breed and live. Sardines and puffins and tunas and stingrays and turtles will be featured, but here are two sentences from the aquarium catching our particular fancy today. One: "Drift into a massive bloom of jellies and investigate how changing ocean conditions, some possibly influenced by human activities, may be causing jelly populations to explode." Something about "massive bloom of jellies" and exploding jelly populations definitely intrigues.

    ALSO TO LIKE: The aquarium says a "young great white" may be on view later this summer. If you're a shark person, definitely check with the institution before paying a visit.