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The Pixar Collection Debuts



    ART-INSPIRED ART: Yeah. When we heard that several artists had created artworks inspired by several Pixar films, and that those artworks would be making their debut in Sacramento on Sunday, May 15, and that the debut is a one-day-only kind of thing, and many of the creative types responsible for the pretty pictures would be there, we had one thought: We need a giant Mike and Sulley for our living room wall. If we could have a daily dose of "Monsters, Inc." love, we have a feeling the days would be less trying over all. And don't even start us on Harryhausen's. Want to eat there. Tonight.

    SHOW HAPS: The collection comes from Disney Fine Art and Stage Nine, and eleven films in all from Pixar Animation Studios will be tributed. And the nice part about the Sacramento event? The artists will sign what you buy. If you can't make the California State Railroad Museum on May 15, you can peruse the collection online. Ohhh. "The Depth of Love and Space." We'll need to squish over our Mike and Sulley to make room for WALL·E and EVE.

    ADMISSION: Since this is at a museum, the entry price is $9 for adults. But you'll stay and look at all the trains, yes?