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The Redwood Coast's December Sparkle

Admire the lights and twinkle adorning the area's Victorian landmarks.



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    Don Leonard
    Admire the lights and twinkle adorning the area's Victorian landmarks (pictured: Eureka's Carson Mansion).

    TREE CENTRAL: If you're a region that's rife with trees, the kind of trees that people regularly describe as "mythic" and "epic" and just about every other "-ic" word available, you can become symbolic, for many people, of the tree-iest season of all. Add to the fact that Humboldt County has a caboodle of picturesque Victorian homes and buildings, in addition to all of those mythic/epic redwoods, and you are talking about a holiday-ready spot that boasts an inordinate amount of twinkle, tradition, and nature-magical charm. And the Redwood Coast does do it up each year, in a few different ways, from various lightings to quirky parades to quiet processions that are built around the beauty of the tall trees. Ready to find that perfect Humboldt-y holiday outing? Take a glance at the...

    OH-SO-CONVIVIAL CALENDAR... and get to mapping out your December weekends. The Lighting of the Tallest Living Christmas Tree is a Ferndale must-do, and it happens on the first Sunday of the final month (so, Dec. 4 in 2016). Add to the tree the many 1800s-vintage buildings of Ferndale's Main Street and you have a classic California Christmas party. A pair of lighted truck parades will vroom-vroom in Fortuna and Eureka over the second weekend of the month (just make sure you land in the right city on the right date), while Ferndale celebrates the offbeat Lighted Tractor Parade on Sunday, Dec. 18. As for finding a peaceful moment among the giants of the area? Look to the Candlelight Walk in the Redwoods on Saturday, Dec. 3.