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The Rivertown Revival



    LOVING THE RIVER: Any town with a river is a lucky place indeed. And a town that gathers each summer to throw a party at the river, and on the river, and celebrate the community, and the arts, and boats, and old-school living-it-up festivities, is one savvy town. Petaluma is such a magical place, and its annual Rivertown Revival rolls up the best of the city's cultural heart and rivery soul and makes a true hoedown out of it. And the next hoedown? It's docking on Saturday, July 30.

    ON THE SCHEDULE: Barges all gussied up in artsy and elegant ways will be floating down the Petaluma River. There will be a race on the river. There will be a parade. There will be local crafts people and creative types selling the goodies they make. There will be dressing up in revival-type, corset-and-bowler outfits. There will be tunes and nice vibes. And the bestest best part of all? The River Heritage Center benefits. Does the Petaluma River know all of this kindness and revelry is going down in its honor? We like to think it does, somehow.