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The Season Goes Subterranean



    MAJOR MERRIMENT: You know the family get-together that's kind of quickly thrown together, and your brother ends up on your mom's couch, because she gave away her roll-away, and you all have to run to the grocery store for dinner makings only to find they ran out of turkey earlier in the day? What we're about to describe to you is the exact opposite in terms of slapdashery and preparation. And yes, budget. But whoa, hello, you and 51 of your nearest/dearest could party in a wine cave and spend two nights at a posh Napa Valley inn. Are you related to 51 people? Well, that you personally know? A lot of folks are, but if not, we say get some friends in on this. Because the La Residence and Hall Winery are throwing a Gather Friends and Family -- A Magical Holiday Reunion.

    LET'S TALK CAVE: This is what initially piqued our own subterranea-loving interests: cave party. The dinner that's part of this package is far more than a cave party, of course; it's a gourmet feast under the famous and famously massive Hall Winery Swarovski chandelier. Will wine be served? Oh. Chuckle. Yes. There's a pre-dinner reception in the winery's Grand Salon. Then there's the two-night stay-over at the swank, 26-room La Residence. You and your large crowd'll essentially take over the inn, which is nice; no having to make polite chitchat with other non-relative, non-friend guests. Now here's the price tag: $85,000. It actually starts at that, we should add, so if you want to give it a go, we say have a pre-planning meeting with your nearest/dearest. There are several extras included, like a photographer to capture your cave celebration, so you'll want to go over all the finer points.