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Time Travel Weekends



    I DO DECLARE: There's something about watching costumed people acting out comical or dramatic scenes of time gone by that says "vacation." It also says "summertime" to us. It also says "we've got to try this at home, because it looks kind of fun, what with the big hat wearing and the spats and the knickers and such." While we haven't yet given the last thing a go, we're always on the look out for lively re-eancters during the warmer months. Turns out Old Sacramento has a whole caboodle of 'em, as part of its Time Travel Weekends.

    OLD WEST ALIVE: Through Gold Rush Days -- that's Labor Day Weekend -- mustache-twirling villains and hat-tipping heroes will be putting on stage shows and such around the historic district. It's a slice of West Coastiana circa the 1870s or so, giving families and history fans and people who like to look at people in costume a nice summer weekend outing. We should also add that silent movies will run at the Eagle Theatre in Old Sac on Saturday nights through summer. Donation is five bucks for the movie, but swinging by the district to watch re-enactors is free. Darn tootin'.