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Tulocay Cemetery Tour



    TULOCAY DAY: The history-minded cemetery tour tends to appear with more frequency come the autumn, which is why when one is scheduled for summer we want to make note. But it isn't simply the choice of date that sets the Tulocay Cemetery Tour, which is scheduled for Saturday, June 11, apart. Rather the landmark grounds have several civil rights and Civil War connections, and both topics will be discussed by guides and knowledgeable people from Napa County Landmarks and the Napa County Historical Society.

    DETAILS: Reservations are recommended for the tour; a general ticket is $10. If you can't join, but you'd like to know more about Napa's past, note that there's a toodle down Randolph Street on Saturday, June 19. We'd certainly dream of living in any one of those hefty Victorians during the tour (and house daydreaming is certainly permitted).