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Vegas New: SLS Debut, Neon Nights, Offbeat Sweets

The art-luxe property opens on Labor Day; reservations are now open.



    YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW VEGAS... all that well to recognize it as the change-iest city in all the land. New towers rise; a few towers fall; and restaurants are forever reimagining themselves, their menus, their waitstaff uniforms, and, above all, their brand, look, and presentation.

    Fresh things flow down The Strip like so many winds through the nearby canyon, for sure. The new stuff tempts regulars to come and see the new-new-new while tempting not-so-regulars with nifty ideas and outrageous takes on things we thought we knew already. Cadbury Creme Egg Souffle, anyone?

    Here's what au courant around Sin City:

    SLS Vegas Hotel & Casino:  The SLS in Beverly Hills in an artsy bon bon of a seen-and-be-seen-scene, with playful monkeys dominating the logo, fancy foaming cocktails, and the eye-poppingest decor around. Count on the Vegas property to be as swanky, cheeky, and foam-filled, at least on the beverage front. Is it due for a huge Labor Day Weekend opening? It is. Are reservations on first rooms being accepted now? They are. Can you actually stay *ahead* of the opening, starting on Aug. 25? Indeed. And is the hotel in the former Sahara, meaning some retro throwbackery'll be afoot? You just have to see for yourself.

    The Chocolate Cadbury Egg Souffle: Now this one is just tickling us, for timeliness, Vegas-o-sity, and holiday cheek. Andre's Restaurant & Lounge at the Monte Carlo has an Easter dessert on built around what is basically the go-to indulgence of April: the Cadbury egg. Once we heard about it we thought about it for the next hour, we'll admit it. Tempted? It's there through Easter Sunday, for 15 bucks.

    The Neon Sign Summit: One might view the neon sign through the window of time, as though the tube-bright icons are a thing of the past. But sign smarties of today will gather at Sin City's Neon Museum to talk signs -- past, present, and future -- and what lies ahead. Cool for the neon fan or anybody into the character of cities and how businesses present themselves. Date? Tuesday, April 22.