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Monarch Beauty in Pacific Grove



    1,732: That's the daily number of Monarch Butterflies spied in the Pacific Grove Monarch Sanctuary as of Tuesday, Feb. 8. It's a big number, as it should be; February is "spiral mating flights" time for the Monarch Butterflies in the Monterey Bay and San Luis Obispo area. It's a famous and celebrated sight, of course, and people make the journey from far away to see the butterflies in profusion.

    LOCATIONS GALORE: If you can't make the Sanctuary, the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History is keeping watch on several Bay and Central Coast areas that are reporting lots of butterflyage. Check back to see who is flapping where, but don't wait too long. The overwintering season, which lasts from October to February, is wrapping, and spring migration kicks off in March.

    SPIRAL MATING FLIGHTS: Our new favorite three words.