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Walnut Creek, Ahoy: Short Films and Restaurant Week

Try new eateries for a discount, then hang around for lively quick flicks.



    BREVITY=BLISS: There's much to say about lickety-split-ing something that typically takes a good bit of time. A slice of banana instead of the whole dealie lends as much flavor, and a shorter shower versus an epic wash? You'll still get clean. The same goes for our entertainments and culinary pursuits. While we might claim to want more, more, more of the good stuff, the tasty stuff, the long-lasting stuff, getting a proverbial nibble here and there can, in the end, make time for more variety. Walnut Creek is rocking this very notion, with a pair of happenings just ahead: Walnut Creek Restaurant Week and the Walnut Creek International Short Film Festival.

    WALNUT CREEK RESTAURANT WEEK: Nope, restaurant weeks don't go *too* nouveau -- we're talking about a single scallop served on a large plate -- but they make for an excellent way to try a wide swath of tastes over a single prix fixe meal. Head for any of the participating restaurants and sample a three-courser, appetizer, entree, and dessert. "Over 2 dozen restaurants" are on board, including Hamachi Restaurant & Lounge, Katy's Kreek, and Salvatore Ristorante. Restaurant week is on from April 21-27, and the menus? They're right here.

    WALNUT CREEK INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL: It's true and good that web sites like Funny or Die have created new avenues for one of the greatest of cultural forms, the zippy flick. And while we can sit at our computers and watch plenty, the pleasure of viewing with other people, on a big screen, is unparalleled. Dig a whole bunch of shorties, all screened in a row? Animated and live action and docs, too? Then you'll want to make for the Century Walnut Creek 14 from May 2 through 4. Filmmaker chats and other popcorn-scented mind treats await.