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Watsonville Strawberry Festival



    BERRY BASH: We're thinking about Watsonville and Gilroy, and how they're in close proximity to each other (yeah, we'll call the little foresty toodle via Hecker Pass "close proximity"), and how two of the area's major food-oriented festivals happen within close proximity to each other, too. Well, time-wise, anyway. The Gilroy Garlic Festival will be getting hot and smoky from July 29 through 31, and the Watsonville Strawberry Festival at Monterey Bay is set for Saturday, Aug. 6 and Sunday, Aug. 7. Are you thinking what we're thinking? That maybe on the Tuesday or Wednesday between the two there could be some sort of berry-clove meet-up? Maybe up along Hecker Pass? Where the trading of garlic and strawberry recipes could go down? We're just saying. It's an idea, is all.

    STEMMY STUFF: The Watsonville Strawberry Festival happens in the downtown area and is free. Yep, people'll be wearing strawberry costumes, and there will be rides, and face-painting, and music, and treats on sticks. Bet you'll try at least one berry-based food. Hours both days are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.