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We're Owl About This Wildlife Fundraiser

Want the chance to maybe name a Western Screen Owl and love upon the Lindsay Wildlife Experience, too?



    We're Owl About This Wildlife Fundraiser
    Lindsay Wildlife Experience
    Might you be the person who gives this handsome bird a name? Best attend the dinner at Va de Vi Bistro in Walnut Creek on Sunday, Sept. 23 (and be the highest bidder).

    SO YOU'RE VISITING NATURE... while hiking, or picnicking, or enjoying a post-picnic hike, and there, up in the tree, or over on the ridge, you spot it: A gorgeous feathery nest dweller or something furry and whiskery and tail-tastic. The chance to suddenly encounter animals out in the woods is something that lovers of the open sky and big trees know well, and, if you're with friends or family members, you're probably inclined to stop and admire the animal, from a respectful distance, silently. But once you've moved on? You're discussing the beastie, what you observed, and maybe even naming it, calling it "Chattering Charlie" or "Blue Wing," if that's what the wildlife denizen you saw brought to mind. But what if you could...

    NAME AN OWL, make that a Western Screech Owl, and you could help an acclaimed wildlife rehabilitation hospital at the very same time? You wouldn't need to hike on and out of the owl's life, because you'd get to visit the bird at the Walnut Creek animal center, for starters. A beautiful Western Screech Owl, a recently announced animal ambassador for the Lindsay Wildlife Experience, doesn't yet have a moniker, but that will change following the fall fundraiser for the hospital and learning location. For on Sunday, Sept. 23 at Va de Vi Bistro & Wine Bar in Walnut Creek, one owl aficionado will go for the slot of highest bidder in an auction to name the gloriously large-eyed, wing-rocking ambassador.

    A TICKET TO THE FUNDRAISER... is $150, which helps Lindsay Wildlife in numerous ways. In addition to the owl, also keep a watch for Atsa during the fundraiser, a bald eagle from the center. And, in addition to cameos by these awesome avian superstars, there shall be "fine food, fine wine, fine company" and lots more at the Walnut Creek eatery. Owl-ists, and lovers of Lindsay Wildlife, flap your wings in this direction and gather your ticket to this good-hearted, owl-mazing fundraiser pronto.