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Whale Watching by Horseback



    DAYDREAM: It's a fantasy, yes, and totally storybookish, but we imagine the whale and the horse have a lot in common. Large and noble and able to cover great distances. Loved by many a human. And... Well. Perhaps there is more, but it is time to alight on earth, and the Mendocino Whale Festival. We've been pretty excited about the spate of big-tail to-dos happening around the Mendocino area during March, but when we spied the note at the bottom of the Mendocino fest, we had to share.

    HORSEBACK: There is, indeed, a way to watch for the giants of the ocean from the saddle. If you've done a few boat excursions, and are looking for a fresh way to keep a look-out, perhaps this is the way to go for you; the Mendocino Chamber can direct you to outfitters. However you take in the whales, from horse or your own two hooves, note the dates are coming up: March 5 and 6, 2011.