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Wine Country Big Q



    GET DREAMING: Regardless of where you stand on the whole barbecue issue -- rubs vs. dry, spicy vs. sweet, corn vs. slaw, wanting seconds vs. wanting thirds -- we can all be respectful when the words "Kansas City Barbecue Society" are dropped into the conversation. Because? Kansas. City. It's a center for barbecue, yes, but even "center" seems too cold a term. People travel from around the world to partake in the smoky, sticky, meaty yumness that has K.C. stamped on it (figuratively, of course) But now that smoky, sticky, meaty yumness is traveling here -- or to Sonoma -- for a day. And that day? Saturday, Sept. 10. And the reason? The Wine Country Big Q, which is "the first Kansas City Barbecue Society nationally sanctioned competition" to happen at the Sonoma Academy.

    OH YEAH: Did you just think "oh yeah" there? We certainly did. Tickets are running from $45 to $50. You'll eat a lot of succulent meats while kicking a heel to some serious C&W (we recommend doing each activity separately, but to each his or her own). Time is from 1 to 5 p.m., so call this linner. Oh, and before we go? Four more words: Firehouse Bold Bean Challenge. That's it. That's all we wanted to type. Because that's enough.