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Wine and Cheese Days at Hofsas House

A Carmel-by-the-Sea stay-over puts the focus on Monterey vino.



    LIBATIONS-BY-THE-SEA: Saying that Carmel has a bustling season isn't really accurate. Oh, one of the Planet's Prettiest Burgs (tm) stays well-busy throughout the year, but it is a Carmel kind of busy, which means that nothing feels too rushed or too hectic and everyone is kind of keeping it on the easy and breezy side of things. But February though April have their bigger events in the area, like the AT& Pro Am Golf Tourney and Pebble Beach Food & Wine. Some headliners roll through town (we know, headliners have been rolling through that particular town since it was a town, pretty much) and there's a bit of famous-flavored fizz to the air. If this is your scene then you certainly want to be in the Carmel mix in late winter through early spring.

    AND KEEPING IT CHILL... Are the various wine-tasting options the area offers. There's the new East End Wine Row district, which features seven tasting rooms doing the lining-up-the-glasses thing. The charming Hofsas House is giving a bottle of Ventana Estate Wine and a perfectly paired cheese to guests who book a minimum of two nights at the old-World-y, not-far-from-the-ocean inn. That offer is on through the end of March 2013. And the Wine Walk-by-the-Sea Passport? That's a good deal, and still available for purchase. Over a dozen places to sip are well-clustered together, for easier walking/wining. Here's a map if you need visual evidence of that.