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Yuletide Yountville

Carriage rides, music, and yep, vino, are all on the festival docket.



    YEAR-LONG YULETIDE: When a lot of other places erect the Christmas tree in the town square and hang up the boughs and holly, they're kind of coming up to the level of twinkletude that Yountville possesses all year long. You know what we mean, surely. Do you know Yountville? Then you know the town's signature brand of twinkletude. You know it is dang charming even on a mushy, mopey March day. So when the Napa Valley burg takes a crack at its own festival of lights, and its own carriage rides and its own brand of candy-cane-flavored merriment, it is quite the impressive sight. It's almost like charm on top of charm. And that charm on top of charm will be in full (poinsettia) flower on Friday, Nov. 25, when the wine country burg flips the switch on all of its pretty holiday lights.

    ON THE SCHEDULE: Carriage rides. Free entertainment. And, yeppers, vino is mentioned, as it should be. Santa will make an appearance, too. Oh, and let's mention this is an afternoon-to-early-evening thing, meaning if you're out tooling about wine country with the visiting relatives, you can get home by night. If Santa lets you go, that is. He can get to chatting, we've found, about wishes and reindeer and such.

    NOW... Please don't get us wrong. We're not doing any dissing of places that just happen to not be Yountville. There are other charming cities in the world. But surely those cities trade trade secrets with this particular burg. Right? Is there a Charming City Convention that goes on, in secret, every year? At some airport hotel? We think there might be.