Before and After Images: California's Water Deficit - NBC Bay Area


These before-and-after images show how little snowpack has accumulated on the the Sierra Nevada range in January 2014, one of the driest on record. The Coast Range and Cascade Mountains are almost completely snow free. California gets a third of its water supply from mountain snow, but with warm, dry weather, little snow has accumulated. In January 2014, the snowpack was between 10 and 30 percent of normal. (Photos: NASA Earth Observatory)

The effects of the drought as seen on Shasta Lake, California. On the day the first image was acquired, the lake’s elevation was 309.4 meters (1,015 feet); nine years later (second image), the lake level had dropped to an elevation of 278.3 meters (913 feet). The water elevation in the reservoir at full capacity would be 325.2 meters (1,067 feet). Light tan colors along the shore are new beach areas that have been uncovered as the water level has dropped. (Photos: NASA Earth Observatory)

Water levels behind the Folsom Dam at Folsom Lake in El Folsom, California. As the severe drought in California continues, water levels in the State's lakes and reservoirs is reaching historic lows. (Photos: NASA)

The Green Bridge appears at a section of Lake Oroville near the Bidwell Marina on July 20, 2011 in Oroville, California. Normal water levels are seen on the left in 2011, and reduced water levels from severe drought appear on right in 2014. (Photos: Getty Images)